Rufus Reinhardt is the author of The Space Between Dreams, The Space Between Time, The Post Mortem Cookbooks, This Solitary Life and countless other fiction titles published over a 30 year career, many of which he is deeply ashamed of but was sensible enough at the time to publish under a name different to his own.

Aside from taking the vow of poverty requisite to writing fiction, Rufus has always enjoyed working as a word monkey in its various incarnations: ghost writer, journalist, editor, sub-editor, sub-sub editor, travel writer, hack, television script writer and Hollywood script doctor.

Once, he did (not) enjoy a brief career as an Associate Professor of Philosophy at a major university, a job he describes as being as palatable as eating a whole bath towel for breakfast.

These days, he lives a hermetic existence in the Rocky Mountains, and when he is not writing, dabbles in his passion for natural history.

You can contact Rufus via his email .

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